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How to Train Effectively During the Off Season

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Make the most of your off-season

The off season can go one of two ways. You might train hard, physically and mentally to better yourself for the next year, or you might completely stop all exercise and dig yourself a hole.

Here's out top tips to make the most of your off-season and come back better than ever.

1. Don't forget the 'off' part

Although it might seem like a great idea to put yourself through the paces and train super hard right through the off season, it’s probably not a great idea. Make sure you give yourself time re-energise, you’ve earned it.

Taking a short break can actually help you to recover both physically and mentally, as well as look back on the season and identify what you want to improve on.

Make sure that during your break you are still participating in some form of training. 2 sessions a week during a break can help to maintain tendon health. If it is not possible to train during a break or holiday, make sure you gradually ease back in by gradually increasing volume and intensity.
A pre-season is recommended to be approximately 18 weeks, so good planning is the key to target the start of the season with optimal strength and conditioning preparation.

2. Improve your mental game

The off-season is the perfect time to work on your mental game and weaknesses. Take a look at the past season and think about what let you down, and what you think you can work on. Maybe you lacked confidence or got overly anxious before big games or events. The off-season is the perfect time to work on these things without the stresses of the season getting in the way.

3. Train smart

You can maintain your fitness and get better without going crazy. Now is the important time to remember to train smart, not hard. It’s probably not the best idea to spend hours in the gym every day working yourself to exhaustion.

Training too hard in the off-season will only wear you out heading in to the pre-season.

Chat to your coach, a strength coach or physio about the best ways to get the most out of your off-season training.

4. Get your body in check!

Niggling injuries or sore sports during the season, or even just worried about injury risks? Now is the time to see a physiotherapist to get your injuries treated, and it’s also worth considering getting a sport specific screening with your physio so that you can identify and address any weaknesses or range of motion issues you may have, and work towards a better you for the season ahead!
At Coast Sport we can help you no matter what part of the season you are in.

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