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Hip Warm Up and Activation

Most exercises require movement of your hips, like running, cycling, swimming and weightlifting just to name a few.

Before you exercise, do you excite your hips? Many of us skip or rush this vital step however a proper hip warm up and activation routine will prepare your body for the session ahead, reduce injury risk and lead to increased performance.

A good warm up before a session will prepare your bodies joints and muscles for the force and movement they are about to undergo, whether that's a tough track session, a CrossFit WOD or a spin class. However it is important that the right warm up is incorporated to ensure injury risk is reduced.

So what does this mean for you?

To have a positive effect on your performance, static stretching should be avoided BEFORE most forms of exercise. Instead, 'dynamic' mobilisation warm up increases the range of movement of the joints and will activate muscles - reducing the risk of injury and allowing you to run faster for longer, lift heavier and complete the 2 beat jumps with correct form in your spin class.

Below is a video series of exercises that you can incorporate into your exercise program to help you feel well, move well, perform well.

Hip Warm Up
Banded Kick Backs
Banded Knee Knocks

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