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November 25, 2019
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December 6, 2019
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Warm up for your swim, ALWAYS

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With summer fast approaching, Australia’s swimming season is about to get into full swing!

Do you complete a warm up prior to getting in the pool or ocean?

A prescribed warm up is essential to decrease the likelihood of injury, especially due to the utilisation of large muscle groups when swimming.

It allows for increased oxygen delivery to the working muscles of the body, increases body temperature to reduce the risk of muscle and tendon injuries and increases the delivery of important duels (such as glucose and free fatty acids) required for energy production.

If you don't include a warm up into your swim routine, here are some exercise ideas:

    Whether you’re a 200m freestyle competitor, SwimRunner or swim morning laps at the local ocean baths, it is crucial you know how to prepare your body for the exercise. To find out more about how to undertake these exercises, or to address an issue that has arisen during your time in the water, book an appointment by clicking the button below!

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