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Tradies National Health Month

Winter is coming to an end, summer beach days are quickly approaching and many have returned to work after taking a much needed holiday to the closest ski fields. With the arrival of August comes Tradies National Health Month, a time of year in which we raise awareness for the health and injury risks of those working in blue collar occupations and provide information on how tradies can prevent injuries by looking after their health.

Trade occupations hold a high level of risk due to the physically demanding nature of the work and dangerous environment in which they take place, with tradies accounting for 3 in 5 workplace injuries. It is important to remember that your health and wellbeing is the greatest tool in your toolbox!

Here at Coast Sport, we have compiled a list of strategies to help tradies prevent injuries at work:

1. Pre-work warm up
TheraBand’s are a great way to create dynamic mobility and prepare the muscles of the body for work. You can use these elasticated bands for many stretches and movements including arm and shoulder exercises as well as ankle and hamstring activation.

2. Wear supportive footwear
Many trades require long periods of standing and working on uneven/slippery ground. It is critical that correct footwear is worn to support the joints of the ankle and prevent sprains and strains. Ensure your footwear fits well, hugging the foot enough to prevent excessive ankle movement.

3. Work Smart
Keep a good technique! By maintaining the natural curvature of the spine, holding loads close to the body and keeping a wide base of support at all times, the back will be moved in a position less prone to injury. Ask for help when heavy lifting or extended movement is required and complete regular risk assessments on site.

4. Don’t ignore the warning signs
When potential dangers are present on the worksite, warning signs are put in place to ensure safety. The body works in a similar way and will notify you when there is something of concern. If you experience pain, dizziness, numbness or chest pain both on or off site it is important you seek professional help as soon as possible.

At Coast Sport our aim is to allow individuals to Feel well, Move well and Perform well. Our quality team of physiotherapists, podiatrists, exercise physiologists and dietitians are here to both prevent and rehabilitate injury, whether you are a tradie or not!

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