Telehealth - Online Consultations

COAST SPORT are thrilled to be offering an expansion of Telehealth service, now available to services including Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Dietetics and Podiatry!

To help you reach your goals from home, we are offering GAP FREE Telehealth (online) consultations with our amazing team of clinicians! This means you can get the same great advice, exercise prescription, goal planning and management from the comfort of your home. You will be sent all the resources and educational material either before and/or after the consultation.

*GAP FREE Telehealth Consults

In order to keep the Central Coast feeling well, moving well and performing well this lockdown, we would like to offer all of our patients (both NEW and existing) the option to attend their consults via Telehealth. Not only are we offering Telehealth, we are offering GAP FREE Telehealth Consults!

In 2020, The Australian Physio Association deemed Telehealth just as effective as a face to face consult.

We have everything you need set in place to consistently make progress during this time where you may not be able to come into the clinic. Below you will find more on our patient management plans, our online video consults and how we work with you via the PhysiTrack App.

Telehealth is primarily for the following people:

• Those who are unwell and showing cold/flu like symptoms
• Those who have visited recent COVID-19 hotspots
• Those who are concerned coming into the clinic due to the current climate around COVID-19

COVID-19 may have put a turn in the road by bringing us another lockdown in 2021 however, we don't want that to stop our Coasties from their healthy road to recovery.

We ask that you please utilise this time to continue seeing your Practitioner through our GAP FREE Telehealth alternative.

Terms & Conditions

• Patients with an EPC (care plan) from their GP: Pay $0 out of pocket (medicare funded appointment)

• Patients with a Private Health Fund: Pay ONLY $55 and claim via your health fund for a refund

• Self funded patients who do not hold private health coverage or an EPC: pay ONLY $55 on the day with no hidden costs

• This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer

Please note: If you are not experiencing cold like symptoms and have not been to a recent COVID hotspot, we would love to see you in the clinic!

We are OPEN | We are ESSENTIAL | We are HERE FOR YOU

How It Works

We will utilise the amazing exercise prescription app called Physitrack to perform your video appointment.

PhysiTrack provides you with visuals of your exercises the same as if you were in clinic. We like to think we are able to achieve the same outcome with our patients via Telehealth as we can still hold you accountable by using our patient management plans and the PhysiTrack app/

Physitrack is a free app for your smart phone or iPad that allows you to speak face to face with our clinicians from anywhere in Australia! This can also work from your computer (via email link) if it has a working camera and speaker for the session to run.


Next Steps

1. Click the BOOK NOW button to book your appointment online.

Alternatively, CALL Coast Sport on (02) 4356 2588 to book your appointment.

2. We will email you your client information form and patient reported assessment form to fill out prior to your appointment.

3. Download Physitrack app (PhysiApp) onto your Smart Phone or iPad/Device. See information below.

* Please note that Medicare rebates are not available for Telehealth consultations. If you are in a private health fund please contact them to see if your level of cover will provide you with a rebate for your session.

How to download PhysiApp?

1. Go to PhysiApp

2. Alternatively, click on the ‘Download for iOS' or 'Download for Android’ button.

3. Once download has completed open the app.

4. We will email you your login code.

On the Day of Your Consult

1. Our friendly reception staff will call you for payment 10 minutes prior to your appointment.

2. Ensure your device is charged and working correctly. Have headphones ready if needed.

3. Dress appropriately with either shorts for a lower limb injury, or a t-shirt, singlet or sports bra for an upper limb, back, neck or shoulder injury.

4. Make sure you have enough space to perform exercises, an objective assessment, and the room is well-lit.

5. Set up the camera in an appropriate location to view the area and yourself.

6. We recommend portrait view on some tablets and mobile devices on an appropriate height table or on the floor to perform floor based exercises.

7. If on computer: Await an email from your Clinician.

8. If on PhysiApp on your device: Log into PhysiApp, then accept the video call once you have received it from your Clinician.

Book an appointment by calling (02) 4356 2588 or online via the button below.

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