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Surfing and Remedial Massage

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Whether you’re a recreational or a competitive surfer you want your body in top condition so you can spend as much time out in the waves as possible. Massage therapy concentrates on keeping your body in a flexible and pain-free state by increasing range of motion and assisting in recovery. Treatments focus on the muscles specifically used during surfing and is suitable for all levels. Massage is beneficial for any ocean sport where paddling is involved (surf ski, life saving, swimming etc.).


There is evidence to show that sports massage can improve athletic performance up to 20% as it increases oxygen flow in the blood and aids the release of toxins from the muscles. Lets face it, if you have ever been in the ocean you know what it is like to get a decent pounding which can leave the body riddled with tight and sore muscles. If left untreated this can lead to nerves, muscles and bones discomfort and damage. Various massage techniques enhance the body’s own recovery processes, and reduce the risk of some common surf injuries such as whiplash, sciatic nerve pain, lower back, neck and shoulder pain and of course sore or fatigued arms!

Massage central coast Tuggerah Surf For the Competitive Surfer (event regime)


  • Massage one hour before an event helps prepare surfers by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system. This optimises performance by making muscles more flexible and reducing the chance of injury.


  • Short massages targeting areas of concern/stress between heats can help surfer’s recovery quickly and get ready to compete again.


  • Main focus is to relieve tired and fatigued muscles, which will flush lactic acid from the muscles and reduce recovery time.


For the Recreational Surfer

  • Booking in for a regular massage can allow you to maintain flexibility in the muscles and keep on top of any niggles or injuries that are associated with surfing. This could keep you in the water enjoying the waves for longer.


If you’ve been injured while surfing, massage therapy is one of the best ways to get back into the waves as quickly as possible, which is a must when you live on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW.


Ring Coast Sport today on 4356 2588 and book in with our remedial massage therapists Ali or Mick to help manage and/or prevent surfing injuries and keep you in the waves.



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