Sports Screenings

In the world of sport, Physiotherapists not only play a role in injury rehabilitation, but also in injury prevention and performance enhancement. Pre-season screenings are a vital tool in assessing an athlete before they begin training. We are looking to identify potential risks of injury and other factors which may impact your training and performance.

When should you get a screening?

Ideally, screenings should be done at the start of pre-season training to allow for adequate programming in the pre-season.

What will we test in a screening?

During a pre-season screening, your Physiotherapist will run through a series of tests, specific to your sport, which will aim to look at:

We will assess areas of strength which are specific to your sport. This will show us where you may be more susceptible to a certain injury due to lack of strength.

e.g. calf strength
Mobility and flexibility

Certain sports require certain movements and mobility. Key examples can be swimming and dancing. For swimming, we need good hip flexor, shoulder and thoracic spine mobility to get into a streamline position to glide effortlessly and reduce drag through the water.

Dancing requires extremes of range (e.g. hips, ankles) to achieve the nice lines we are looking for.

We assess certain ranges that are required based around muscle and joint movement.

e.g. Thoracic sitting rotation test

Functional Movements

Assessing functional movement in exercises such as the squat, walking lunges, hopping, and landing exercises will allow us to see if there are any problems or potential issues with your movement patterns.

e.g. Jump and land

What happens following the screening?

The screening will help your Physiotherapist identify any possible impairments, weaknesses or issues you may have. They will design a specific program to ensure you have the best chance of performing well and remaining injury free throughout the season.

At Coast Sport, our Physiotherapists are experienced in screening for a wide range of sports.

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