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Central Coast Mariners

Central Coast Mariners Academy

Central Coast Mariners Womens Academy

The Central Coast Mariners have partnered with popular local Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine clinic, Coast Sport who are responsible for the physiotherapy requirements for the club’s Foxtel National Youth League team.

The team at Coast Sport were involved with Pre-season screenings for all academy players and are currently supporting the Mariners academy teams across all levels, providing seasonal coverage for boys, girls, men and women’s academy. Michael Torbica, Coast Sport Physiotherapist and Assistant Physiotherapist of the Mariners FC premier league team is “thrilled to be keeping our local elite football stars in tip top condition” and is “super pumped for a great season, hopefully with minimal injuries”. Education is a priority for Coast Sport are delivering a variety of educational workshops for academy players, parents and coaches covering all aspects of health and fitness to ensure optimal performance including sports nutrition, injury management and prevention and foot health.

Find out more about the partnership here.

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