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Preparing for the slopes

A skier's guide to preparing for the slopes

With the winter snow season well upon us, and many people heading off for skiing adventures, it is important to consider how to best prepare yourself for the slopes.

The most common areas injured for skier's are:

  • Knee, with ligament damage being the most common.
  • Shoulder, strains and dislocations are most prevalent.
  • Fingers, particualry 'skier's thumb', which is a strain due to the pressure of ski poles.
  • Head, with concussion being the most common.

How can you best prepare yourself to have the best chance of avoiding injury?

It is important to consider how to best prepare yourself for the slopes, in order to best prepare your body, have the best chance of avoiding injury and to have the most enjoyable snow experience. Although overall cardiovascular fitness is a big contributor to skiing, it is also important to prepare specific muscles, flexibility and balance in preparation for the slopes. Working on balance and flexibility is essential for skier’s, as skiing requires large amounts of both. Try balance board or bosu ball work, such as squats on a bosu or board, and incorporate extra stretching or yoga to increase your flexibility. Strength exercises should also be incorporated into your routine, with a focus on lunges and lateral lunges, which replicate the way the muscles move when skiing, as well as core work.

An on slope warm up is highly recommended before starting a day of skiing, to best ensure your body is properly warmed up to have the best chance of performing and avoiding injury.

Dynamic stretching should be the main focus of an on slope warm-up, including exercises such as jogging on the spot, arm circles, leg swings, torso twists, squats, lunges and side lunges.

Want to see some of our best exercises for both preparing for and warming up on the slopes? Check out our Skiing Strength and Warm up videos below.
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