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Preparing for a CrossFit competition

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Getting your body ready for a CrossFit competition

So you've got a CrossFit competition coming up.. What's next?

1. Make a plan and execute it

It's important that you sit down and make a plan. Alter your program to fit the competition, or make a new one. Whether you are making it yourself, with a coach or with a group, ensure you are all on the same page about your goals and make a plan of attack. Most importantly, make sure you execute the plan.

2. Be physically AND mentally prepared

You need to be both physically and mentally prepared, not just on the day of the competition, but in the weeks leading up to the competition. Your mindset is important, and the key to showing up and smashing it on the day.
Train, but don't overdo it. There's no point training hard every day until the competition, all that will get you is injuries and wear you out before you even get to the competition. Although it seems tempting to go all out, it's important that you still remember to take active rest days and not overdo it. Train smart.
Also ensure that your body is prepared in the days before the event. Don't go and do a heavy training season the day before. Instead consider working on mobility, some light conditioning or active rest.

3. Don't forget the basics of injury prevention

Warm up and cool down! It doesn't seem to matter how many times it is said, but people often forget the importance of warming up and cooling down properly. Remember this before and after your events on the day of the competition, make time to warm up and cool down and your body will thank you. Check out our video below for ideas on what exercises to include in your warm up!

4. Fuel your body. Eat right and at the right times.

Nutrition is important. Want to get stronger, perform better, fuel your body and recover? Eat right. You need to be following a consistent diet that works for you and ensure that you eat enough to fuel your body to your training levels, as well as on game day. Erratic dieting can negatively impact performance by messing with recovery hormone levels and digestion. Whatever you are eating, keep it consistent, day to day, and week to week. Timing is also important. Ensure you have adequate carbs before a workout to stay fuelled, protein and carbs after a workout to recover, fats to maintain energy throughout the day and adequate protein to make sure you gain strength and recover properly.

5. Something goes wrong? Move on.

As great as it would be, we can't plan everything little thing and have it all go right, all the time. Things will happen, there will be hiccups on the way. You might mess up your training one day, or something might go wrong on competition day. Although it might seem like the end of the world at the time, it's not. The important thing is to re-assess and move on, get on to the next rep and learn from it in the future.

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