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November 14, 2018
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Why glutes are the king of the swing!

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Why are your glutes important in golf swing?

The gluteal muscles are the largest muscle group in the body comprising of glute medius, glute minimus and glute maximus. They are the king of the swing because they are responsible for good posture, transferring energy and protecting the spine.
The reason they are so important in golf is because they stabilise the pelvis, and we need a stable base to transfer energy from the ground up through the pelvis and torso and out of the club head. If the glutes are lacking in strength, balance or endurance they will lose the ability to transfer energy to the upper body resulting in a loss of posture during the swing and early extension phase. This can cause lower back problems in golf. If there is an imbalance and lack of stability laterally from the glute medius this can lead to a sway or a slide in the swing.
Because a good range of motion in the thoracic spine is needed to generate momentum for the swing it is even more important that the glutes provide a stable base for that rotation.

I recommend a glute bridge before training or before playing to activate the glutes (see above).

The next 3 exercises will really help to build glute strength.
1. Goblet squat

Firstly to work on appropriate form the goblet squat allows you to work on range in your squats and make sure you have the mobility in your lower back to do so.
2. Single leg deadlift

Then starting with the single leg progressions, the single leg deadlift focuses on hamstrings and glutes. Following this, progress to:
3. Single leg squats

Try to work on depth without compromising your back or knees.
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Disclaimer: The information on this page is for informational purposes only. Do not start new exercises without the recommendation of a professional.