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August 8, 2019
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August 26, 2019
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Feeling Fit for Finals?

Winter is almost over which means we are fast approaching finals fever. After enduring a long season this can be the hardest time for an athlete to both manage and limit physical and mental fatigue. Our team at Coast Sport have put forward a few ideas to help you maintain peak performance.



What we put into our bodies is just as important as our training regime, Not managing this properly can impair our ability to successfully perform. Therefore, we need to ensure our diet matches our energy and macronutrient requirements whilst also ensuring we remain adequately hydrated.


Training Loads

Where possible it is best to taper your training to ensure your body has the best opportunity possible to recover and adapt to what’s been thrown at it. Therefore, being smart about both your field and gym-based training is paramount. Try avoiding doing extra sessions during this period. In the gym aim for maintenance of current fitness rather than trying to maximise strength and endurance.



Insufficient sleep can impair the body’s ability to recover, making it harder to stay fit and healthy. Sleep experts generally recommend 7-9 hours sleep for adults and 9-10 hours for adolescents and teens per night. To help improve your sleep, try avoiding eating or using mobile phones/tablets prior to going to bed.


Foam Rolling

When our muscles are fatigues they tend to become stiff and tight. The use of foam rollers can help reduce tension and manage fatigue and soreness. Despite the contradictory research, the use of static stretching post training/competition when used in conjunction with foam rolling can be beneficial in assisting muscle recover.



The use of hydrotherapy programs is believed to assist in management of inflammation, immune function, muscle soreness and perception of fatigue. Ice baths are most commonly used, however for the everyday athlete this is not necessarily practical. Thankfully hydrotherapy is still achievable by going to the beach of pool.


Don’t let physical and mental fatigue affect your ability to perform at your peak.

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