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Exos splints

EXOS splint coast sport
Exos Splints are an adjustable brace that can assist in the management of fractures and/or other injuries that require stabilisation. There are splints available for upper limb, lower limb and the cervical spine.

The braces are comfortable and come with two liners that can be interchanged and washed when required.

So, why Exos over plaster?

You are able to shower and swim (you don’t have to miss out on your summer holiday!)
Athletes can continue in their chosen water sport

Can be cleaned
You are able to handwash the brace when needed
Anti-microbial treated material is used
Brace can be removed to clean injury site or surrounding skin

Has an adjustable Boa reel and lace closure system – this allows for patient comfort and adjustment if there is muscle wasting and changes in swelling

Can modify if swelling reduces etc
Can individualise the brace for structural deformities
Will only require the one brace throughout entire healing process

Can X-ray
X-rays can be taken without removal
No need to be re-casted when fracture healing needs to be reassessed

There is no cutting/use of the saw to remove plaster
Can be removed during healing process to assess for infection, wound healing, muscle wasting, fracture site etc.
At Coast Sport we stock Exos splints and our team of world class physiotherapists are able to fit you with the right one.

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