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Custom Orthotics

Podiatry orthotics sports shoes Matt Shanahan

Custom Orthotics – An Advanced Treatment option for Lower Limb Pain

Here Matt Shanahan discusses the use and benefits of custom orthotics.



It’s next to impossible to come across a person with the perfect foot type, possessing flawless toe alignment, an ideal arch height and a seamless stride. The foot structure of any person is as genetic as your eye colour. In an effort to prevent the progression of certain foot problems like bunions, arthritis or hammertoes, it becomes essential to have an adequate and appropriate support for the entire foot. Footwear can do an excellent job of this, but where that does not suffice custom orthotics may be your solution.

Matt Shanahan Tuggerah podiatry orthotics

Custom Orthotics:

Custom made orthotics are prescription based shoe inserts which are specifically designed for a Patient based on a digital impression of their feet. They can come with specialised structural support and padding in particular areas which can help with several foot conditions like Achilles Tendinopathy, Bunions, Heel Pain or Calluses depending on the recommendations of your Podiatrist. Custom made Orthotics provide therapeutic support, stability and control to the Patient along with offering shock absorption and comfort.

A person whose career requires extensive walking or continuous standing would need a different support system than a person who works from the comfort of a chair or behind the wheel. The same goes for different athletes, all we have to do is think about the different requirements for different athletes in the sports below:

  • Runners
  • Footballers
  • Cross fit athletes
  • Rugby players
  • Netballers

Matt Shanahan podiatry orthotic sports

Likewise, custom made orthotics can be specifically designed toward a person’s daily footwear, whether it is a pair of dress shoes, football boots or sneakers. Since the base of the orthoses can be manufactured from a dense plastic or a similar material, they can last 5-7 years with regular wear. Adversely, store bought or over-the-counter insoles are typically bulk made from more flexible materials that are basically cushions and condense within 6 months.

Remember, foot pain is not going to be a part of your daily life forever. Thus, there is no need to spend millions of dollars buying special shoes to address foot pain, when there is an ideal option of having a few great pairs of shoes and one pair of custom orthotics.

Bottom Line:

In a nutshell, having custom orthotics made from your Podiatrist at Coast Sport is always a good decision in combination with other evidence based treatment options for the patients suffering from foot and/or lower limb pain.


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