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Athlete focus: Myles Bailey

Up close and personal with Coast Sport Ambassador Myles Bailey

Congratulations to Myles Bailey, Coast Sport Ambassador who has recently completed his HSC and is back into intensive training.

The Woy Woy based, 17-year-old is making waves in the swimming world and shares with us how he manages to juggle swimming, work and study in our 1 on 1 interview with Myles below.
Why did you first get into swimming?
I got into swimming because I really enjoyed my learn to swim classes and my teacher encouraged me to swim competitively.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Sydney and moved to the Central Coast when I was 10.

What is your preferred event?
100m Freestyle, but my best events are 100m Backstroke and 200m Backstroke.

What is your greatest achievement to date?
Representing Australia at the 2017 Youth Commonwealth Games in Bahamas. Brett Doring from Coast Sport was also there helping the team with Physio.

What are your sporting goals?
To continue swimming well and enjoy my sport. I would love to represent Australia in Tokyo 2020.
Biggest challenge?
Balancing workload, combining study and training. I had to cut back on some sessions this year to concentrate on my school work. I made the decision to sacrifice some of my swimming for this year so that I could study more. Now that the HSC is over I'm back into training for Open and Age Nationals next year.

What do you like doing outside of swimming?
I've started doing CrossFit this year to compliment my swimming training. I also love playing PlayStation and hanging out with my mates and girlfriend.

How do you keep motivated?
Staying motivated in swimming is tough. There are days when I really don't want to get out of bed at 4:30am especially in winter. I try to remember what it is that I want to achieve and how I'm going to achieve it. My mum also gets me up.
Representing Australia this year gave me a taste of how awesome it is to wear the national colours. I want to take that to the next level.

Do you have any sporting heroes?
I have people that I look up to like, Mitch Larkin, I aspire to be like him. He's committed and focused and a great guy. I'm still only 17 so most of the heroes that I see come from Marvel.
How has Coast Sport helped your sporting journey?
The guys at Coast sport are fantastic. Matt is my physio and I also see Mick for massage. They have both kept me fit and healthy.

Any advice for up and coming athletes?
Have fun and enjoy what you do. Don't worry about winning every time because you have peaks and troughs. Stay focused and don't let go of your dream.

Describe a day in the life of Myles.
My typical day has changed now that I have just finished school. 0430 wake up and leave for training. I would normally have a muesli bar. 0500-0700 training, 0730 breakfast. Usually I have cereal or eggs and bacon. 0900-1500 work in Sydney 2 days. If I'm not working, then I'll usually do something with my girlfriend like the beach or bushwalking. 1600-1700 CrossFit 2 afternoons, 1700-1900 training if I'm not at CrossFit. 2100 sleep.
Best of luck to Myles, we will keep you updated on his sporting journey.

If you are an athlete who is interested in finding out more about becoming a Coast Sport Ambassador please contact us today, call (02) 4356 2588.

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