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5 reasons why athletes should love massage!

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According to research, there is great psychological and physical benefits for athletes who engage the services of regular massage therapy sessions as well as other stress-reducing activities.

Here’s 5 reasons athletes should – and do – love massage therapy:


  1. An athlete, regardless if they are a developing athlete or an elite athlete, needs a quiet mind. We’ve all heard the cliché “sports is 90 percent mental, 10 percent physical,” though you’d probably disagree if you just finished a tough workout or game. But any coach will agree that the mental side of a team or individual sport is key to peak performance. So, a therapeutic massage that allows athletes to relax and clear their heads so they can focus more and concentrate better on the mental and physical sides of the sport is ultimately going to be more successful.
  2. Injury recovery is easier to handle with massage. And even though massage may not be healing the muscles, majority of athletes agree that chronic pain management aids in their performance or just makes dealing with the pain of recovery a little easier to swallow. Researchers have concluded that the psychological effect of massage therapy does positively impact athletes.
  3. Relaxed muscles perform better! Massage combined with stretching exercises can be very effective in helping muscles become more flexible, particularly immediately after massage. Warm, flexible muscles are much more desirable for athletes engaging in high-impact, high-energy or high-level sports. Whereas cold, tight muscles generally scream at you.
  4. We’ve all heard that stupid philosophy “No pain, no gain”. And most of us have had an overzealous PE teacher or personal trainer who enjoyed saying that phrase while we were shaking uncontrollably on the chin-up bar, and most of us probably agreed the teacher was a dope! Despite the popularity of that saying in sports, it’s definitely not true. Pain is pain and keeps athletes from performing well…and usually just leads to extended pain!
  5. Massage therapy can reduce pain, which always makes the opportunity for peak performance greater.
Another cliche which applies ‘An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure’.  Doing anything to mentally and physically prepare your body to perform is useful for improving and avoiding injury. And this is where massage helps do that. Athletes are increasing their chances for success for staying on the field and out of the medical or change room.

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This post has been prepared by our massage therapist Mick Kranendonk.


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