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March 18, 2021
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23 Reasons to See a Podiatrist – Central Coast

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Have you looked after your feet lately? Most likely A Podiatrist is an expert in foot care with the primary goal of keeping your feet happy, healthy and pain free . Coast Sport Podiatry involves the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various lower limb issues of the foot and ankle. This includes general foot care, diabetes, sports injuries, structural problems such as arthritis, skin abnormalities, paediatrics as well as treatment of the elderly including falls prevention.

You may be seeking an appointment with a Central Coast Podiatrist because you have some kind of foot or ankle pain, whether it has become painful to walk, run or you may have started to notice changes to your nails and skin that are uncomfortable or difficult to manage. This is where your local Podiatrist at Coast Sport steps in to help prevent, manage or treat these conditions.

Treatment is often aimed at improving comfort, mobility and overall quality of life to help enable you to get the best out of your feet. Even if you are experiencing no symptoms and have never been to a Podiatrist before, seeing one of our practitioners may be beneficial for you to continue to maintain healthy feet, as the prevention of foot complications is always better than the cure.

Does the following apply to you or your family?

23 Reasons You Will Want to See a Podiatrist

1. Can you can only walk for a short period before your feet or legs hurt?

2. Do you experience pain in your lower limbs at night?

3. Do you experience tingling in your feet?

4. Have you noticed your legs or feet are swollen?

5. Do you have cuts or fissures on your feet that take a long time to heal?

6. Are you returning to sport after an injury?

7. Are you uncertain about which running or sports shoe to buy?

8. Do you find that you wear out the outside of your shoes quickly?

9. Have you noticed your toes poke holes in the top of your shoes?

10. Does your forefoot become hot and painful after running or walking?

11. Do your hips hurt?

12. Has pain in your feet or legs stopped you from exercising?

13. Are you worried about your child’s feet?

14. Do you have arthritis in your feet?

15. Do you experience reoccurring gouty attacks?

16. Are you worried about the thickness of your nails?

17. Do you have discoloured toe nails?

18. Are you worried about your foot odour?

19. Do your toe nails cause you pain?

20. Have you noticed your toes are clawed?

21. Do you have hard skin on your feet? Is it getting worse?

22. Do you find it hard to cut your own nails?

23. Do you find it hard to fit your feet into shoes because of your bunion?

Thank you to the Australian Podiatry Association and Foot Health Australia for these 23 reasons.

Are you looking for a Podiatrist on the Central Coast, Newcastle, or Greater Sydney area? Be sure to book in with our friendly team and contact us today.

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